Genesee Valley Breeders Association

The Genesee Valley Breeders Association is the oldest Thoroughbred breeding organization in the United States. Founded in Avon, New York in 1914 by Mrs. Herbert Wadsworth, the original mission of the GVBA was to aid and encourage breeding of hunters. 

During WW1 the organization cooperated with the Jockey Club and the United States Remount service to produce cavalry horses The resultant “Light horse”, an animal of size, substance and athleticism became the standard of the Genesee Valley Hunter. With the opening of Finger Lakes Race Track in 1962, the GVBA and its then president, Dr. Joseph O’Dea, founded the awards program that recognized the New York Bred Thoroughbred.

The GVBA more recently has become committed to providing an outlet for Thoroughbred’s embarking upon their second career under saddle. The GVBA offers an annual two day horse show dedicated to promoting local Thoroughbred and sporthorse breeders both in hand and under saddle in the performance divisions.

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GVBA 2014 IRS Form 990

Board of Directors

Randy Kozlowski

Linda J. Reading, Treasurer

Mira Boyczuk, Secretary

Erica Waite, Vice President

John Bartholomew

Sara Donahue, President

Dr. Gillian Perkins

Anne Morss

Jack Frohm

Thea Killeen

Sarah Batzing

Amy Snyder, D.V.M