New York Racing Association

To be updated

Board of Directors (appointing authority)

Michael J. Del Giudice (NYS Assembly Speaker)

Michael Dubb (NYS Senate)

C. Steven Duncker (NYRA)

Bobby Flay (Governor)

Marc Holliday (Governor)

Stuart S. Janney, III (NYRA)

Georgeanna Nugent Lussier (NYS Assembly)

Earle Mack (NYS Senate)

Timothy Mara (NYRA)

Robert Megna (Governor)

Leonard Riggio (Governor)

Andrew Rosen (NYRA)

Joseph Spinelli (Governor)

Stuart Subotnick (NYRA)

Vincent Tese (Governor)

Jeffrey A. Cannizzo, ex-officio, non-voting

Richard A. Violette, Jr., ex-officio, non-voting