Which types of bets on horse racing exist?

It’s not so easy to gamble, actually. However, success is approachable to achieve. The main thing is to know all the basics, like the general types of offers. In this article we will try to look through each of the widespread ones.

Racing styles to remember

Before talking about bets, let’s review which horse competitions can be found:

  1. flat gallop;
    This is the most common and therefore the most popular style. As the name suggests, they take place on flat ground, usually grass or sand-fibre, without any obstacles or inclines. This configuration allows the animal to gallop at maximum speed.
  2. steeplechase;
    Such jumping races are very popular and are held during the cold months of the year.
    The competitions are further divided into three main categories: hurdles, bumpers, held on flat tracks with obstacles, and steeplechases, where horses must jump over bushes, fences and ponds.
  3. trotting.
    This is one of the least common styles because it is, in fact, a horse race where the jockey does not ride the horse, but is in a two-wheeled cart called a sulky. The animal is trotting or pacing rather than galloping, to avoid any accidents.

The main types of bets on horse racing

After selecting the competition, it’s time to choose bets to place. There are two categories of such a gambling: straight and mixed bets.
Any gamester can find such straight offers:

  • on the winner: you are supposed to gamble on the favorite that crosses the finish line as a winner.
  • on the second place: it’s about the prediction of the participant that is either 1 or 2.
  • on the third place: here your favorite must be in one of the first three places. Multiply odds of profit by three, although the payouts are made according to the dividend of the third place, regardless of the final position of the participant.
  • on top places: You can gain only if the participant takes any of the top-three positions.

Among the mixed stakes are:

  • Exacta: here you are free to two animals to be’ golden and silver winners’ in a single race. They have to come in the same order predicted too.
  • Imperfect: two favorites in the same race are chosen, but they can finish either first or second.
  • Trifecta: you are going to forecast the top-prize positions, in exact order, in which three of the participants will finish.
  • Quadrifecta: it’s necessary to predict four ones that will come in exact order.
  • Twin: actually, this one is similar to the Imperfecta. You can win if two favorites get ‘golden or silver medals’. However, if less than 6 horses are running, the order must be exact.

So which bet to choose for horse racing?

At first glance, combination stakes are the ones that could bring you the biggest winnings, but there are also more variables to take into account, such as the performance of the horses, the trainer, etc. So, before taking a chance on such a one, the best advice is to try your hands in straight bets.