Winning strategies for making bets on horse racing

However, it seems to be easy to gamble, the truth is absolutely different. Just to select the favorite, the offer and wait for the result is not enough. Here you will get acquainted with some strategic life hacks.

Manual on how to bet on horse racing effectively

Usually, the best way to select the winner is to analyse all the data available, but besides you must know some hacks to focus on, for example, like these ones:

  • study the animal’s performance;
    Many bookmakers and experienced sport analysts list the track record and previous performance of each participant, due to which you can be able to see how they have fared in previous races. Of course, if you can’t find this information directly on the site, a simple Google search will suffice. Pay special attention to the type of terrain, the distances, the prestige and the categories of the previous victories.
  • observe the odds;
    As in racing betting, the horse with the lowest odds is the favourite. Predictions can be wrong, but odds are a good indicator of the performance of the animal, jockey and trainer in previous races.
    If you are unsure whether the favourite will be the one to finish first, two strategies would be to either make a twin to create a lower risk stake, or to gamble on the place, depending on the number of entrants.
    At a basic level, it is important to remember that a win for the favourite occurs quite frequently. Mention this for your bet.
  • find out about the animal’s behaviour on the day;
    Many people base their strategies on the participant’s attitude in the run-up to the competition. Whether you’re watching it on a screen or in person, you should learn a little about its mood by watching it perform during the warm-up laps.
    If you see animals that are more nervous than others, that are reluctant to go, or that are fidgeting, it could mean that they will not be at their best in the final lap, affecting your winnings.
  • check the trainer’s reputation;
    The trainer may be the key person in the strategy while betting on, as he or she sometimes has several horses running in the same race. Once you get their names, you can use the strategy of checking their past performance, even during the same day.
    It is a good indicator of possible performance as the animals share certain variables, at least in terms of training.
    Also if you notice a winning streak of several participants from the same trainer, then you place a safe bet.
  • examine the jockey’s reputation.
    The jockey and the animal have little to do with each other’s reputation. A particular jockey may travel the world and ride numerous horses. So it is difficult to discern whether his victories are due to the horse’s abilities or vice versa.
    Horse racing is one of the few sports where the animal is revered more than the human. In fact, at the racetrack you will hear the crowd cheer the horse more than the jockey.

Can these tips help to gain on bets on horse racing?

Yes, definitely. However, except for following these rules, you have to believe in yourself, as self-confidence makes you both stronger and luckier.